Wales and the British Poetry Revival

An event featuring John Freeman, Kate North, Peter Finch and Chris Torrance has been reviewed by John Lavin in Wales Arts Review. ‘Wales and the British Poetry Revival’ celebrated the influence of Welsh poets on the movement which first appeared in Britain as a reaction to the Beat poets in America. Great review of a wonderful evening.  Lavin writes of Freeman, “There is a precision about Freeman’s use of language that, rather than putting me immediately in mind of one of his poetic forbears, makes me think instead of Julian Barnes and his direct antecedent, Flaubert. Like those writers, there is an elegiac quality to Freeman’s writing which suggests that, in trying to capture a moment with such a degree of exactitude, he is almost trying to make that moment happen again. And this, of course, is what all great art does. It tries to make what matters to the artist live for all eternity.” Read the review here.