Review of The Watching Stair – a jolt to the senses

watching-stair-9781905208418Diana Hendry’s  The Watching Stair has received high praise (justly deserved!) in a recent review by James Roderick Burns:

“While ‘The Watching Stair’ starts quietly, with a number of low-key poems in and around childhood, adolescence and early adulthood – perhaps signalling a chronological progression through the book – it soon shrugs off this traditional approach to move into unexpected, and subtly thrilling, territory.”

“Hendry’s work is controlled, its surface calm and measured, but its depths turbulent, disturbing, dogged in probing what goes on beneath.”

“There are also moments of challenge, puzzlement and delight, making the collection overall both consistent and diverse.”

“[The Watching Stair] goes on to deliver great riches of feeling, unexpected depths and meanings, and a jolt to the senses in every tightly-controlled poem.  Its surfaces repay the reader’s touch, yielding to surprise and delight without ever breaking the poem’s calm skin.”

Read the full review on the High Window Press website and pick up a copy of Diana’s collection here.