Pieces of Us

Pieces of Us
by Sally Flint

Pieces of Us is an eagerly-awaited first collection, full of Sally Flint’s sensuous, grounded and well-crafted darts into those ‘spots of time’ that reverberate again and again for the reader, rendered as they are in engaging, compelling and memorable detail.

Read a poem from Pieces of Us at the Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre.

“Sally Flint’s poems are often startlingly original. She dares to take risks when tackling dramatic situations and great skill is demonstrated in her powerful evocation of character, atmosphere and place.”

Robyn Bolam

“Sally Flint is especially good at the slow reveal. Her poems show us half-glimpsed worlds, narratives articulated by the telling detail. If these are tasters of what is to come then Flint’s is a bright future indeed.”

Julia Copus

“Sally Flint is the real deal and the lives that weave in and out of her first collection, as uncanny as a folktale, as urgent as the day you’re reading this recommendation, reveal a world where every sound is beautiful which tells of life. This is refreshing, hard won poetry. Pieces of Us is the result of a discipline and a winnowing which gives us the object, the gesture, the image that condenses a novel into a stanza. Essential.”

Luke Kennard

Published: 10 January 2014
ISBN: 978 1 905208 2 10
Pages: 64
Price: £10.00

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