New Reviews – John Freeman’s What Possessed Me

what-possessed-me-9781905208364John Freeman’s new collection What Possessed Me has been reviewed by Charles Ashleigh on Penniless Press.

“The thing that immediately strikes me about John Freeman’s poems is their consistency – of tone, of rhythm, of clarity. There is a sure voice in evidence at all times. What is particularly affecting is the way in which a poem, and I’m conscious of this whole book being, in a sense, really one poem, can be triggered by a small incident or observation. What I find attractive in the writing is the relaxed and friendly way in which the reader is invited into the poet’s world.”

Read the full review on the Penniless Press website.

The collection has also been reviewed by David Clarke:

“The poems are a record of his concerted paying attention to his surroundings, his cultivation of a state of receptiveness and careful observation, in which he wishes ‘to be fully open like wild roses, / wanting only this, nothing more than this.’ (‘Summer Solstice, Cornwall’). Reading the poems opens the reader to such attentiveness, too — a welcome corrective to distracted the consciousness of our digital age.

Read the full review on David’s blog A Thing For Poetry here.