New for summer 2014 – Andy Brown’s Exurbia

It gives us great pleasure to announce the publication of Andy Brown’s new collection Exurbia. 

Find out more about this “exceptional collection of poems, that exhibits mastery of diverse forms” from “One of our most interesting and exciting younger poets”. Read the poem “Picking Bullaces” below.


Picking Bullaces

for Matthew Francis


With sweet and bitter fused beneath a skin

that’s black or white, they ululate their whereabouts

with sour calls and subtler clues, these bushes

blousy white like clerics’ albs. They are

the Ace of Clubs of the hedgerows, the Cue Balls

of foragers, the Bull’s-Eyes at the heart of our intent.

Bloomed in chalky blues, they used to stain

the shepherds’ callused fingers, these wild bullies,

laced into the thorny brake at the edge of the lea.

We lean in and lunge for them like scuba divers

of the briars, sculling round their shoals like seal cubs

chasing prey. We cull their bulging yield,

laboriously, to lay them later on a slab of bread

with cheese and ale. Today, they’re all that is the case.























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