New for Autumn 2018 – Patricia McCarthy’s Rockabye

rockabye-9781905208395-300We are delighted to announce the publication of our second new title for Autumn 2018, Patricia McCarthy’s vital and timely collection Rockabye.

“In this new collection, Patricia McCarthy reveals, graphically and fearlessly, how the trauma of domestic violence can spread to everything, besmirching and despoiling our fairy-tale endings. Rockabye ranges far and wide, borrowing from folklore, mythology and psychology; there is the fate of a girl-goddess in Nepal, or of a young woman from Catholic Ireland, bereaved by her father’s sudden death, and an account of an abusive relationship. It is a necessary book for our times, a grave and a brave achievement.”– Stephen Romer

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A poem from Rockabye:

The Shiver

Not the childhood shiver under a towel
with goose-bumped skin after a swim
in the refrigerated sea on Killiney Bay.

Nor the shiver of a rigor like that
from malaria lying dormant in your father
decades after his time in the Tropics.

This: with chattering teeth and white face
on a sultry summer night, escaping
to the kitchen from a fist in a bedroom—

and your father asking, ‘What’s wrong?
You can’t be cold’. But you never saying
in case of repercussions as the kettle bubbled.

Its steam deleted you and your terror
so you could protect your father from
worry, and join him with a cup of strong tea.