Reviews of Riddance

Anthony Wilson’s collection Riddance, “a devastatingly candid and clear-eyed response to his diagnosis with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma” (PBS Bulletin), has been receiving wide praise since its publication last year. Peter Scott says it is “a remarkable collection, moving, but also funny and admirable, rueful and hopeful”. David Morley found it “Exceptionally graceful, playful and alive” while Andy Brown called it “a must-read”. “The book is remarkable,” writes Maura Dooley, “not just because it is frank – which it is – and disarming – which it is – and moving – which it is – but also because it is real poetry, musical, particular and deeply human.” More recently, Helena Nelson has written an in-depth and thought-provoking response on GoodReads, offering approaches to reading the book, and personal reflections on “trying to communicate with the person in the room with cancer when you are in the room without it”.  You can read more reviews here.