Dove Release: New Flights and Voices

Dove Release: New Flights and Voices
by David Morley

Dove Release: New Flights and Voices is a major new anthology of poetry from Warwick University, edited by the award-winning poet David Morley. Representing a decade of poetry at The University of Warwick, it features poems by sixty writers, most of them poets in their twenties, including some winners of the Eric Gregory Awards, as well as work by more senior poets. What unites them is a course at Warwick University called ‘The Practice of Poetry’.

The Poets: Toby Aisbitt, Katie Allen, Vicki Benson, Peter Blegvad, Zoë Brigley, James Brookes, Phil Brown, Claire Bunyan, Peter Carpenter, Nick Chen, Swithun Cooper, Nicola Davidson, David Devanny, Rebecca Fearnley, Chloe Todd Fordham, James Harringman, Emily Hasler, Luke Heeley, Jane Holland, Gavin Hudson, Thom Hutchinson, Poppy James, Sholeh Johnston, Charlotte Jones, Luke Kennard, Gwenfron Kent, Will Kerr, Sam Kinchin-Smith, Anna Lea, Emma Lowe, Ailie MacDonald, Liz Manuel, Jack McGowan, Michael McKimm, Jennifer McLean, Glyn Maxwell, Peter Maxwell, Jennifer Mellor, David Morley, Jon Morley, John Murray, Ruth Padel, Kathryn Parratt, Siavash Pournouri, Sarah Rabone, Rowan Rutter, Fiona Sampson, Nima David Seifi, Sam Sedgeman, Nicola Seth-Smith, Bethany Startin, George Szirtes, Cari Thomas, Claire Trévien, George Ttoouli, Simon Turner, Jonathan Ware, Hilary Watson and Andrew Webb.

Published: March 2010
ISBN: 978-1-905208-13-5
Pages: 184
Price: £10.00

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