Dazzle Ship reviewed

“What’s better than opening a page at random and feeling the earth jump?”

So asks Sarah Hopkins in a recent rave review of Isabel Galleymore’s debut pamphlet Dazzle Ship. Sarah goes on to write:

“Galleymore’s collection is seismic; surreal, daring assertions of simbiosis and cause and effects. It shakes off any trace of the banal; bold ideas hide in the odd interplay of delicate natural images.  The thought and writing is too sophisticated to doubt, and you can’t see how its done; it’s unique. As each poem’s exquisite logic slowly unravels, the strange and subtle connectedness of all living things becomes indisputable. It excites me but I’ve been caught like this before so tested it out with multiple readings, and it didn’t fall apart. It wasn’t a trick of artifice, or a conceit, and I wanted to leave everything behind and move into this perception where all is one. I like a poem to shift you somewhere better. So it’s exciting, and I’m struggling here and there, but surprised, delighted and confronted. Do tiny actions really have momentous outcomes across time and space? Are animals and humans working together even when they don’t know it?  Is it impossible for us to ever extricate ourselves from each other?  You can’t land on the same spot after reading Galleymore’s interpretations of interdependence.”

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