Beyond the Gate

Beyond the Gate
by Clare Best

Beyond the Gate is rooted in a woman’s right to walk through streets and forests, through her own story. Clare Best plays compelling, original games with form. Her voice is fired by precision and observation, seared with a questioning wit.

– Robert Hamberger

Shifting between the intimacy of the domestic space and a deep connection with the natural world, Best shows us beauty laced with danger, darkness, flashes of fear. This exploration of love and loss considers how we hold and carry our memories, how far ahead we dare to look.

– Rebecca Goss

Clare Best writes with scruple and clarity, listening always for the unsaid and the unsayable, watching for the passage of flame into darkness.

– Michael Hulse

Published: 1 June 2023
ISBN: 9781905208500
Pages: 88
Price: £12.00

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