5 Star Review for McKimm’s new collection

Because we could not dance at the wedding book cover image


Michael McKimm’s Because we could not dance at the wedding has been reviewed by Andrew Hordle on Goodreads.

“Offers many pleasures for the reader […] McKimm’s work focuses on what is “secure”. No, not safe: rather those qualities that endure and stabilize the mind within a relationship or within the world.

Certainly, McKimm knows his poetical roots […] But the real delight in McKimm’s poetry is how he is not predictable and breaks new ground. He is acutely aware of language and how to bring a poem alive with a sharp phrase.

This book offers a real variety of poetical forms. And what is really noticeable is how McKimm is prepared to write the long poem, the poem that goes where it wants to go. […] in “What the River Carries”, McKimm demonstrates two qualities that bind this volume together: his eye for perception and ear for music.

At last, a poetry book worth re-reading!”

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