Please note that we will not be considering any unsolicited manuscripts until further notice, certainly not before the end of January 2019.

We currently publish only 3 or 4 titles per year and all berths are taken for the next eighteen months.

Worple Press welcomes unsolicited work, but those wishing to submit should be reminded of the following considerations:

  • We receive many excellent manuscripts and at the moment are only able to produce, at maximum, five or six collections per year
  • Those wishing to submit should consult the Worple backlist for a feel of what we are likely to consider worth publishing
  • Poets may submit a sample of their work (10 poems plus biographical details) or a full collection
  • Poets who read or study contemporary poetry are more likely to be successful
  • Worple needs time, certainly over ten weeks, to deal with manuscripts: please be patient and ensure that you send appropriate SAE and contact details
  • We publish translations, anthologies, arts essays and writing other than poetry

Please consult the Contact page for details of where to send your work.